Leveraging the experience of the Essence Group, an IoT powerhouse.
SigmaDots brings the power of blockchain-based cybersecurity to the IoT ecosystem.

SigmaDots secures interactions between IoT devices with advanced blockchain technology. Our software-based solutions harness the advantages of modern blockchain infrastructure yet are uniquely adapted to the limited resources of IoT platforms. With a scalable, interoperable and secure platform, SigmaDots empowers connected ecosystems and enables the machine-to-machine economy.

IoT Security Challenges

There are still major hurdles to securing always-connected IoT devices and endpoints to enable a true machine-to-machine economy. Why?

No standards – there’s no security standard or group of standards for IoT devices and device interoperability

Limited on-board resources – IoT devices have limited on-board resources and can’t run traditional security tools

Centralized approach – IoT sensor systems are highly-centralized

Lots of them – According to Gartner, by the end of this year 6.4 billion “connected things” will be in use worldwide, and over 20 billion by 2020.


The use of IoT networks as the basis for a large-scale cyberattack is just a matter of time. Existing blockchain-based solutions simply don’t suit real-time device interactions.

SigmaDots Solutions

SigmaDots delivers the foundation for true IoT security and visibility.

SigmaDots brings the power of serverless architecture and blockchain-based cybersecurity to the IoT ecosystem.  Our software-based solution harnesses the advantages of modern blockchain infrastructure yet is uniquely adapted to the constrained resources of IoT platforms. Empowering connected ecosystems with a scalable, decentralized and secure platform.


Beyond security, SigmaDots enables true visibility and control over networks of interconnected IoT devices – from sensors to insights.


SigmaDots: Ideal for…

Available as either a standalone product or as a seamlessly-embedded component in our partners’ platforms, software-based SigmaDots is ideally suited for IoT applications in a wide range of use cases, including:




Unique SigmaDots Advantages

Ensuring service continuity in large-scale IoT deployments

Built for industrial-scale IoT deployments, SigmaDots is highly-scalable while still providing simple management and uncompromising security.

Mitigating risk of failure with decentralized architecture

When downtime isn’t an option, SigmaDots’ unique decentralized architecture eliminates the risks associated with a single point of failure.

Full flexibility with multiple device protection methods

In the diverse and distributed IoT ecosystem, SigmaDots is completely device agnostic – offering full protection for any device, in any environment.

Decentralized, secured, scalable, flexible and holistic platform
Cross-media analytics
Cloud-based device management and interconnectivity
Mobile application control and monitoring
Intelligent business insights
Seamless expansion into new markets

Who We are

Founded in 2017, SigmaDots is led by an experienced core team born of the Israel Defense Force’s elite ‘8200’ intelligence unit and part of The Essence Group – a market leader in developing connected devices and IoT platforms, with more than 25 years expertise.

The key players on our team include:

Itsik Harpaz
General Manager


Yehuda Kaufman
Business Development Director


Guy Sandler
IoT Framework Director


Assi Abramovitz
R&D Director- Cyber Security


What’s New?

SigmaDots & Telit Join Forces
Decentralized solution
for business continuity