SigmaDots delivers the foundation for true IoT security and visibility

SigmaDots developed the first decentralized, multilayered IoT security platform with low-friction integration; and with the ability to easily integrate with security operations center.

We ensure business continuity using mesh routing and provide system resilience during cyberattacks, including DDoS, and communication layer congestion.

Agent on the device
Distributed communication protocol
End-to-End solution
Low Cost Integration

Multi-faceted device protection

Compromised device detection
Neighbor device revocation
Unpatched device protection
Communication hardening
Continuous monitoring & analysis
FoTA management

Multilayered Product Suite:
Fits Your Business and Your Budget

The full Essence SigmaDots platform provides comprehensive coverage for systems, networks and devices. Each layer is also available as a standalone product


Cloud-agnostic /on-premises cyber & operational visibility

System monitoring
Device visibility
Permission management
Data privacy


System Layer:  Cloud-agnostic/on-premises cyber & operational visibility

Deliver a unified management and incident monitoring platform as a service that scales up for large scale deployments. Provide a backend framework designed around the concepts of “serverless”, microservices architecture, and FaaS; supporting DMQTT, MQTT and other sources of data. Provide cyber and operational visibility with our Cyber-health Dashboard – showing identified threats and attempted attacks. The data is aggregated, analyzed, and offers both immediate actionable alerts, and long-term insights.


Distributed MQTT networking protocol as a service

Network Privacy
E2E Encryption
DDOS resilience


Network Layer: Distributed MQTT networking protocol as a service and end-to-end encryption as a service

Provide end-to-end encryption services in a seamless way – without changing the application code to strengthen the network against man-in-the-middle attacks. Eliminate the centralized communication broker as an attack vector with a unique distributed approach, DMQTT – a novel distributed MQTT-like protocol in order to reduce the exposure to intermediary servers and to reduce the risk of DoS.



On-the-edge dynamic firewall & antivirus

Device health check Device authentication


Device layer: On-the-edge dynamic firewall &anti-virus

A unique device-embedded agent authenticates critical commands, safeguarding the privacy and securing device communication. We dramatically reduce the probability of the edge-devices being hacked or of a pre-installed backdoor being exploited.  The agent can run on the device’s application processor or on the cellular modem

More information about each Solution

Beyond security, Essence SigmaDots’ solution enables complete network visibility, delivering insights into attacks and suspicious activities to the SOC, allowing for faster response.

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The SigmaDots difference

Harnessing the endpoints to secure your networks

Cyber-securing the edge devices in an IoT network requires reducing a hacker’s ability to exploit OS and communication vulnerabilities. The large variety of end-user devices and firmware makes this extremely challenging. A practical method, that is loosely coupled with the devices, is to add the security layer to the communication process, thereby achieving the necessary level of protection.

Multichannel secured communication

Many IoT security solutions encrypt data. This is based on the idea that at some point in normal processing the data is decrypted and may be exposed to an attacker. Encryption alone is not sufficient to prevent cyberattacks. The SigmaDots solution eliminates the single point of failure by distributing the message brokering function throughout the network. The solution also adds a layer of end-to-end encryption throughout the entire communication process from the end-point to the server.

Attack surface diversion

Hackers typically try to reuse attack methods. Our approach creates a mesh network with distributed agents in the end points. This creates major hurdles for an attacker trying to reverse engineer the communication protocol and prevents the hacker from launching a man-in-the-middle attack.

Protecting your business

Ensuring business continuity

Essence SigmaDots’ solution is a distributed solution that provides mesh routing to support business continuity even when there is a congestion in the communication layer. SigmaDots’ solution provides distributed permission management, enabling critical commands to work, even when the server is not available.

Reducing vulnerability

The Essence SigmaDots solution provides full protection for any IoT device in any deployment environment; keeping your data and services safe. The solution detects compromised devices by harnessing the endpoints and protecting even unpatched devices from hacking.



Securing megascale IoT deployment

Our solution is designed for scalability and low-friction integration. Our software-only solution not only significantly reduces the IoT provider’s risk of attack but is also easy to integrate. Our mesh architecture provides an even higher level of protection as the size of the IoT network grows. The reduced exposure to attack helps lower the total cost of ownership, especially in a large-scale deployment.

Take your IoT cybersecurity
protection to the next level

Experienced multi-domain team
Intimate understating of the IoT ecosystem
Holistic and different approach