SigmaDots delivers the foundation for true IoT security and visibility

SigmaDots developed the first decentralized, multilayered IoT security platform with low-friction integration; and with the ability to easily integrate with security operations center.

We ensure business continuity using mesh routing and provide system resilience during cyberattacks, including DDoS, and communication layer congestion.

Agent on the device
Distributed communication protocol
End-to-End solution
Low Cost Integration

Multi-faceted device protection

Compromised device detection
Neighbor device revocation
Unpatched device protection
Communication hardening
Continuous monitoring & analysis
FoTA management

Multilayered Product Suite:
Fits Your Business and Your Budget

The full SigmaDots solution provides comprehensive coverage for systems, networks and devices. Each layer is also available as a standalone product


System monitoring
Device visibility
Permission management
Data privacy



Distributed MQTT
Network Privacy
DDOS resilience



Dynamic firewall
Device health check
Device authentication


More information about each Solution

Beyond security, SigmaDots enables true visibility and control over networks of interconnected IoT devices – from sensors to insights.

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The SigmaDots difference

Harnessing the endpoints to secure your networks
Multichannel secured communication
Attack surface diversion

Protecting your business

Ensuring business continuity
Reducing vulnerability
Securing megascale IoT deployment

Take your IoT cybersecurity
protection to the next level

Experienced multi-domain team
Intimate understating of the IoT ecosystem
Holistic and different approach